Nerdy tidbits from my life as a software engineer

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nerd With Hammer Seeks Nail

I need a development project to do in my spare time.  Something interesting that involves GUIs.  Preferably some WPF application.  It’s strange that I can’t think of anything; I’m usually teaming with ideas.  But right now I just keep drawing blanks.  Call it post-holiday lethargy, but I’m completely stock out of interesting thoughts at the moment.  But I need to do something.  I’ll put it up on CodePlex and open source it; or maybe, if it’s good enough, I’ll even try and make an extra buck or two on it.  Who knows.  But I definitely need a project to waste my spare time on.

I can see what draws people into open source development.  Why not spend my time working on, whatever, Firefox or Linux?  It’s a pretty interesting body of code, I bet.  But I’ll think of something, eventually.  Most of my good ideas come to me when I least expect them.  It would just be really nice to think of something sooner than later.