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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Backported From MSDN

On the heels of the backlash from my web-guy rant and Mr. Atwoods tirade against me, I decided to move my blog back to blogger from MSDN.  Maybe this was a knee-jerk reaction to a bout of criticisms that I haven’t yet experienced on the Internet, but I felt that it was appropriate for me to try, as much as possible to separate myself and my opinions from my employer.  It was disheartening to see people associate my rants with those of Microsoft as a whole; my whacky opinions do not pervade throughout the entire company.

I understand that what whatever I write or say, I will always be representing Microsoft.  But to me, the veil of blogging ‘under’ Microsoft’s blog-hosting service associates my opinions with those of my coworkers in a way that I’m not really comfortable.  Also, I want to feel free to be critical of Microsoft and I felt somehow restricted when I was writing on MSDN.  This is quite a struggle for me, actually.  As thrilling as it is to work here, there are plenty of things about our products, services, and corporate behavior that infuriate me.  Should I stand up and bite the hand that feeds me?  I have been struggling with that question ever since I started here, but I want to at least feel more freedom to say what I want.

Lastly, call me vain, but I want to keep using my domain name, and I was unable to port that to MSDN.  Bummer.  That would have been nice.  Not to mention that there’s nearly three-years worth of blogging history here that I would hate to leave behind.

Anyways, there are 6 posts from July that I ported over this morning.  It’s unfortunate that I can’t port the comments, too.  But you can go to the original site and read those if you want.  I won’t delete them.

I’ve considered cross-posting, but I hate the idea of having the same post in multiple places.